Protect your family by avoiding these dangers.

A child’s curiosity can be a beautiful thing – it helps them learn, discover, and grow. However, it can also be a threat to their safety. Your home could be full of unrecognized danger, and you don’t want your child to be the first person to discover it. Keep reading to see what things in your home may pose a risk to your little ones.


Climbing is fun, but climbing any piece of furniture that holds a television can be harmful – and potentially fatal. The weight of a TV falling on your child can cause serious head injuries: as Dr. Michael Cusimano says, “…the heaviest TVs falling a meter onto a small kid’s head is the equivalent to the child falling ten stories.” Luckily, there are easy steps you can take to make your television safer for kids. Flat screen TVs can be safely mounted on the wall. If mounting is not an option, only use TV stands to support your screen – not dressers or other furniture – and be sure to secure the TV to the stand to avoid toppling.


Kids love pressing buttons, both literally and figuratively. However, remotes have many small parts, including batteries, which are toxic if swallowed. Kids can easily open up remotes by slamming them against the floor, and in a matter of seconds those shiny little batteries can end up in your child’s mouth. The best course of action here is to keep your remotes (or anything else that uses batteries) stored in a secure place out of your child’s reach.


Front-loading washing and drying machines are great for parents, but dangerous for kids. It’s too easy for children to climb inside and get locked in. Most machines have child-lock options that will stop your kids from opening the doors, but for older machines there are child locks you can purchase.


It doesn’t take much water for a child to start drowning; as little as one inch of standing water is a drowning hazard for small children. That could be your dog’s water bowl or a bucket used for cleaning. Even a cooler with melted ice is dangerous. Be sure to keep standing water out of reach from children when possible, and supervise them closely at all times.


We all know about the toxic chemicals in our household cleaners. Thankfully, there’s a SUPER easy way to rid yourself of this danger – stock up on TECH cleaners! TECH uses the fewest ingredients possible to ensure a good, deep clean without the harmful chemicals, meaning it is completely safe to use around your kids. You can even let them help with cleaning!