Is your kitchen spotless? That’s a trick question, who has a spotless kitchen all of the time? The kitchen is the hub of your home, being used (and dirtied) constantly. Luckily we’ve got the cleaning products you need to get as close to spotless as you like. Here are our top TECH cleaning products that are essentials in the kitchen (click on each product for more info or to purchase a 2 pack, or shop our TECH PICK 4 option, to chose one of each and save).

  1. STAINLESS STEEL & APPLIANCE CLEANER – Bye, bye little fingerprints! Get your stainless steel and appliances shiny and looking new – no streaks, no residue. 
  2. GRANITE COUNTERTOP CLEANER – Perfect for safe and daily use on all natural stone surfaces.
  3. DAILY COOKTOP CLEANER – No more stuck-on food and gunk on your stovetop! Our cooktop cleaner combines powerful pHbalanced cleaning agents that safely dissolve to break up grease and grime.
  4. FLOOR CLEANER – Depending on your floor type, choose TECH FLOOR CLEANER FOR TILE & VINYL or TECH FLOOR CLEANER FOR WOOD & LAMINATE. Either product is safe and effective – quick drying and no residue left behind.

Easy! You’re on your way to a near spotless kitchen! You can purchase one of each of these products in the TECH PICK 4 PRODUCT BUNDLE for $38 and shipping is FREE!