Our Story

All about TECH and our cleaning products...


Once upon a time (in the 1970's), we noticed that the national 'big brands' didn't offer home cleaning products that were truly safe for the home. And still today, most cleaners contain unnecessary ingredients that can be harmful to our families, kids, pets and environment. Plus.. they don't work all that well either.



TECH products like our stain remover, jewelry cleaner and grout cleaner were developed because nationally branded products did not provide a way to clean without unnecessary harmful ingredients - ingredients harmful for families, kids, pets and our environment.  Most of the products did not work as promised either.  In 1974, TECH began developing products that exceed customer performance expectations using safe ingredients.  

Are TECH products "green"?

As "green" became the word in clean, many households have discovered green does not mean safe and certainly does not mean effective.  TECH products have been safe, "green," and effective from day one.  TECH did not have to reinvent themselves due to the popularity of caring about the chemicals you use to clean.  TECH has been caring and cleaning from the start.  In addition, TECH product efficiency allows you to use less product - this is by design.  Less product means the bottle you buy lasts longer which reduces packaging disposal.  Economical refill sizes are also available.   TECH products are biodegradable and use recyclable packaging materials.

Are TECH products enzyme based?

And cleaning from the start is exactly what all TECH products do.  TECH products are not enzyme based so they do not lose effectiveness over time or due to freezing.  TECH products start working immediately and in most cases provide immediate and complete results. 

Are TECH products safe to use?

TECH products are safe to use throughout the home.  Many of our products contain absolutely no odor, no lingering "cleaning" smell, no added fragrances, no dyes.  Nothing but clear and clean!  TECH products can be used safely around children and pets.  Many products claim to be safe but require cautions to be listed on the bottle.  When TECH products say safe, we mean safe!  Safe for you, the environment, your home, clothes, floors, countertops and more.  TECH products do not contain chlorine, bleach, animal by-products, alcohol, petrochemicals, caustics, or optical brighteners.

Do TECH products really work?

TECH products have been independently tested to insure they meet or exceed expectations. 

How affordable are TECH products?

TECH products are designed to clean without the need for excessive green ($$$).  TECH products are developed to be competitively priced while exceeding the expectations established by the competition.  TECH products are designed to be multi-purpose which eliminates the need for duplicate products - saving you and the environment even more.

Why haven't I heard of TECH products yet?

As Lou Manfredini shared on The Today Show, "TECH Stain Remover is the best stain remover, you've never heard of."  

TECH Stain Remover 24 oz bottle