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Jeweler’s Secret®  Jewelry Cleaner uses an advanced “foaming action” formula that cleans jewelry without using damaging substances or abrasives like ammonia, bleach, or the old standard: toothpaste. Unlike traditional jewelry cleaners and dips, Jeweler’s Secret’s® foaming action quickly breaks down oils (skin oil, hand lotion, everyday build-up and grime) without using any harsh chemicals that can cause scratches or even “pit” fine or costume jewelry. Jeweler’s Secret® cleans and restores that “like new” look and sparkle to diamonds, precious, and semi-precious stones. It cleans gold, silver, platinum, and costume jewelry. Most ordinary “dip” jewelry cleaners require you to soak your jewelry overnight and after just a couple of cleanings, you are soaking your jewelry with all the dirt, build-up, and grime from previous cleanings. In addition, these “standard” formulas use ammonia-based cleaning agents that over time are harmful to your jewelry.

With Jeweler’s Secret® your jewelry looks like new again in just a few seconds. It’s that easy! Jeweler’s Secret® is not recommended for use on opals or pearls, as they require specially designed cleaners. Jeweler’s Secret® is designed for use as a daily cleaner. We recommend taking your jewelry to a professional jeweler on a regular basis for buffing and proper maintenance. This product is not recommended for use on opals or pearls.

Kit Contains:  2 – 3.4 oz Bottles of Jewelry Cleaner, 1 Jewelers Secret Polishing Cloth, and 1 Jewelry Cleaning Brush.

Jeweler’s Secret Safety Data Sheet