Caution! You may be amazed at the look of your grout after using TECH Grout Cleaner. Keep your grout looking like the day it was installed by using our non-toxic, safe, yet super effective, residue-free grout cleaner.


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Don’t let dirty grout lines bring down the look and cleanliness of your beautiful floors (you probably spent a pretty penny on them – don’t let them suffer). We’ve all seen it… dirty grout lines… they sneak up on you and the next thing you know you’re questioning if you swept or mopped. Instead, use TECH Grout Cleaner for regular maintenance or when you need that deep clean, to restore your grout lines to their original glory.

Unlike traditional grout cleaners, TECH Grout Cleaner doesn’t contain any aggressive acids, solvents, oild or harsh chemicals. Basically this means that our grout cleaner is safe (no bad chemical smells or need for special handling) without sacrificing a deep, super clean.

Use TECH Grout Cleaner for: 

  • Any type of floor grout lines
  • Colored grout
  • Wall or decorative grout lines
  • Deep cleaning or regular maintenance


  1. Wipe, Sweep or Vaccum the area to be cleaned
  2. Spray directly on grout and allow to pentrate for a few minutes.
  3. Scrub grout with a stiff bristle brush
  4. Mop or wipe with warm water to remove any excess cleaner and dirt

And check it out… like-new grout! You can cancel that tile contrator.


TECH Grout Cleaner Safety Data Sheet